Your Mouth is Poison, Your Mouth is Wine
Blake Markham. Married to Lucy. Father of Ivy, Beau , and ____ Markham.
"Everything will change. Nothing stays the same."

Let’s Go Back to the Start || Llake 

"Are you sure?" Blake asked again, looking at Lucy carefully, his eyes a bit too wide. "Check again. Are you positive?"

 Blake stared at her- almost scanning every inch of Lucy’s body as he avoided eye contact with the pregnancy stick. He couldn’t look at it too long, fearing that it was all too real. He couldn’t accept the answer from Lucy’s mouth and much less the damn stick.

 He bit his lip, shaking his head a bit.

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    Lucy just sat and started humming a song that Christian once sang her. It was a weird place for her mind to go but it...
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    Blake was out of ideas, completely blank. He was certain that at some point the problem would disappear and Lucy...